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Does your business need a boost? Are you tired of doing your own taxes? Sounds like you need a trustworthy accountant. If you live in San Diego, California, you can trust Best Team Tax Consulting Group. We can assist with a number of accounting services, such as:

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Top 4 reasons to use a professional when filing your personal or business taxes

  1. You’ll avoid costly mistakes. Tax preparation is very complex, and even simple mistakes on your paperwork can require you to re-file or be fined.
  2. You’ll save money with a tax preparer. You’re paying for expert services, and chances are we’ll be able to find deductions or tax credits you missed.
  3. You’ll have a plan in place before Tax Day. Tax season doesn’t start in January—it’s a year-round process for the savvy business owner. Prepare for tax season all year long.
  4. You’ll have peace of mind. You’ll save yourself hours of stress and uncertainty when you work with Best Team Tax Consulting Group on your taxes.

Build a unique relationship with our forensic accountant/divorce coach

Divorce can be a stressful, frustrating time, especially when it comes to asset division. Ensure you’re getting what you’re owed by working with the professionals at Best Team Tax Consulting Group. We’ll examine your accounts to find money that’s been hidden by the other party.

End your divorce for good with our forensic accounting services. Call us today at 619-825-5588 for your free initial consultation.

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“Sue was able to correct my W-2 and social security paperwork without penalty to my company. I was feeling very stressed receiving frequent letters from the IRS and after months of trying to correct the problem using other professionals, Sue finally actually corrected the issue. I was so happy the day I received the letter from the IRS stating my problem had been completely resolved. Thanks Sue for a job well done.”


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