“Sue saved me over $10,000 in taxes the IRS stated I owed them. She attended the audit for a return another tax accountant (who prepared my return) refused to take care of and was able to explain the deductions adding other information resulting in a tax due of less than $1,000. I was so thankful and relieved after months of stress.”


Tax Client

“Sue was able to correct my W-2 and social security paperwork without penalty to my company. I was feeling very stressed receiving frequent letters from the IRS and after months of trying to correct the problem using other professionals, Sue finally actually corrected the issue. I was so happy the day I received the letter from the IRS stating my problem had been completely resolved. Thanks Sue for a job well done.”


Restaurant Owner

“We were being audited by every agency because we had fallen behind on our payroll taxes. Sue was able to handle all of our issues with each audit resulting in a no change or penalties. The EDD was our largest issue as their concern was we comingled personal with corporate funds – Sue was able to settle this case with no change taking away a considerable amount of stress and what EDD thought we owed. She also restructured our QuickBooks making my life much easier.”


Construction Business

“Sue consulted with us for about two hours giving us invaluable information on how to minimize our taxes and increase our bottom line. We made the changes and the result was a 100% increase in sales and increased income. We are now working on buying a building following the advice given – we look forward to continued consultations.



“Sue prepared past due corporate returns and handled the bank and realtors when I purchased the building I now own. I am not so sure we would have closed the loan as quickly as we did without Sue’s interaction. Her knowledge of the IRS and the commercial loans were invaluable.”



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