Fight for Reimbursement After Fraud

Fight for Reimbursement After Fraud

Our accountant in San Diego, CA also specializes in forensic accounting

Are you a victim of personal or professional fraud? You need a forensic accountant by your side. You can trust Best Team Tax Consulting Group to go through the financial records of the opposing party and find any missing funds. This will help you get the reimbursement you deserve!

Going through a divorce? You need a trustworthy confidant to be by your side during the whole process. Sometimes, this person takes the form of a friend. But you also need a professional confidant who can help you get the best possible result in your divorce proceedings.

Need a divorce coach? We’ll get your ex to pay up

If you live in San Diego or the surrounding areas, you can trust Best Team Tax Consulting Group as your divorce coach. We’ll communicate with your ex’s lawyers, ensure that you’re getting a fair settlement and provide emotional support through this unpleasant time. Call us today to get started.